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The Defenders - #1 Marivic Danyan

Part one in a series of posts about the making of The Defenders. Marivic Danyan is 28 years old and lost her Father, Husband and both brothers when their village was attacked in December 2017. For decades her father had been a vocal opponent of the neighbouring coffee plantation on the island of Mindanao in The Philippines.

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The Defenders - Overview

The Defenders is a collection of photographic portraits that I shot as a commission for The Guardian weekend magazine. It is a series of stories that documents the lives of 10 extraordinary environmental activists. This first blog post is an overview of the project, outlining the intentions and considerations behind the making of it.

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The Wild Goose Chase

After a career in the UK music industry I turned to photography as a way of exploring the new country that I called home. I soon realised that the passion for telling stories was always in me and that the camera was just the tool I needed to be able to do that. This first blog post is a brief introduction to the work that I do and how I got here.

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